Sunday, January 13, 2008

Black and White in Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Adobe Lightroom by Leslie Alsheimer

Already on its second print run!
“Anyone who’s serious about squeezing the very best quality out of their black and white photography using Adobe products must have this book. It will help make you a better photographer.”

- George Jardine, Adobe, Pro Photography Evangelist

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photography Workshops

Welcome to our brand new blog site for the Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photography Workshops. This give you the latest information on all of our upcoming workshops, travels, tips and downloads.

Customized Photography Workshops
The Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photography Workshops provides customized professional Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom workshops and training as well as digital photography workshops in digital workflow, black & white photography workshops, fine art printing, NGO photography, Photoshop Workshops, Lightroom Workshops, and digital project & creative imaging support. Working collaboratively with you, individual, one-to-one or small groups in Santa Fe and around the globe, we specialize in providing friendly & personallzed learning experiences.
Join the fun!